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With over 35 years live singing experience, I started my singing career in Grade 5 when I was selected for a major role in the school’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  This was just the beginning.


My passion for performance in musicals, theatre, solo work and live bands was growing stronger with experience and training but I wanted to know more.  

Struggling with vocal issues, I discovered a technique of singing that saved me from developing permanent damage to my vocal cords and enabled me to sing with more strength and stamina, more power and resonance, and improved my range (both high and low), my tone and my ability to sing from the bottom to the top of my vocal register without cracking, 'flipping', or straining.  I was hooked!

I began studying the art and technique of Speech Level Singing with a variety of Master Teachers as well as Seth Riggs himself. I wanted to pass on this amazing knowledge to others who were struggling with vocal issues or just wanted to start singing with ease.  I had been teaching for many years prior to this but had never had the tools that SLS gave me to be as effective as I wanted to be.  This journey continues for me as I learn more about the human voice every day. 

I now provide training to people of all ages for vocal performance, audition preparation and examinations. My current work also includes conducting choirs and ensembles and also producing and directing large scale musicals both in schools and churches in the community. I'm performing regularly both locally and nationally in a variety of shows and bands.

My extensive vocal training, teaching and performance both here in Australia and in the United States has been the catalyst for me to provide intense and enjoyable vocal and musical training for people of all ages and to create that profound sense of worth and achievement available through singing and performance.


"For Sue,

      What an inspiration you are.  I seldom meet a voice teacher who can do what they're teaching.  You are committed to excellent singing and know how to teach it as well.

              Best Wishes

                            Seth Riggs


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