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“Sue Marsden has been my vocal teacher for 8 years now and has absolutely changed not only my singing techniques but the way I hear music. Skilled, amazingly talented and driven, Sue is the best vocal teacher I have ever had!”

 - Tara Formosa

"Before I started vocal tutoring under Sue Marsden I was a high school student who simply enjoyed singing in the school choir and shows. Once I started getting lessons however, I felt like I could reach a new level! She has given me the confidence and ability to attend professional auditions and have other successes in Melbourne's vast theatre scene. Sue's tutoring is so versatile and can bring out the best in people who wish to sing all genres of music as well as to expand their musical taste buds. The technique of Speech Level Singing is well explained as she helps her students achieve what they want to achieve. I highly recommend Sue as a tutor for anyone wishing to grow in their musical abilities!"

 - Joel Armour

"Singing lessons with Sue are the BEST thing that I look forward after a long day at work! Sue is an amazing vocal teacher who I highly recommend. If you have the slightest interest or urge to give singing a go, do not hesitate any further. Sue has an incredible amount of patience and experience to share with her students. As a beginner student, Sue was really able to break down her teaching and vocal exercises so that I was able to progressively reach a vocal range that I thought was beyond my ability. Songs that you think are impossible, Sue will train extremely hard with you, listen and formulate vocal exercises that will get you there. Coming from a saxophone background I started my lessons applying breathing technique required to play the saxophone, to singing, which is very different. As the saying goes, "old habits die hard". Sue was able to demonstrate and share her many years of experience, and helped me work through this challenge and understand the concept of breathing so that I was able to adjust my breathing technique to alternate between my saxophone playing and singing. I began my lessons as a shy student who lacked the confidence to sing in the presence of anyone. With encouragement from Sue and personally noticing improvement in my voice over time, I have developed confidence to tackle and learn songs that are challenging and out of my comfort zone. I have loved my vocal lessons and highly recommend Sue's lessons to all students at all levels; beginner, intermediate and professional." 

- Daphne F

I have sung in choirs and in church bands for  many years and decided to try to learn to sing properly ( in my 50's). Sue has had a real (successful) challenge in getting me to "unlearn" many bad habits and replace them with good vocal technique. Her patience, skill and humour have been great. My voice has strengthened considerably as has my range and accuracy.
Most importantly, I can now sing solo before a big crowd and it works.
With what Sue did for my singing, my wife decided to enrol with Sue as well, and in ONE lesson achieved a whole new range in her voice. She can now also confidently sing solo. Our band has then hired Sue before our big events to coach the whole band and improve   our band skills. Sue has been great for us - able to use different approaches to solve any vocal issues as well as giving skills in many styles - pop, rock, ballad, musicals and Christian. As a performing musician herself, she is also ideal for assisting in developing performance skills. PS She also has a great sense of humour so it is FUN learning to sing.

 - Andrew Buchan

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